Mexico Girl's Home Build Trips 2012

Ensenada, Mexico

For nearly 20 years Calvary has partnered in ministry with Pastors Luis & Mimi Ojeda in Ensenada, Mexico.  Through their local church, Iglesia Monte Sion (Mt. Zion Church), the Ojedas are making an impact on the Ensnada community and the surround region--including the nearby Kumeyaay Indian reservation.  Life on the reservation is very difficult as many from the community have been trapped for decades in a cycle of poverty, alcoholism and drug abuse.  Teen pregnancy is rampant, and only one girl from the village has ever gone on to receive a college education and find employment.  Many of the Kumeyaay youth do not attend high school for lack of parental support, transportation and a mountain of other obstacles every day.  

To meet these needs head-on, Calvary will be funding a building project in partnership with Mt. Zion Church to provide housing for several Kumeyaay Indian girls.  The home will be situated next to Mt. Zion Church and will allow them to attend a public high school and to break free from the oppressive situations that they face in their community.  The young ladies will be cared for by a "house mother" from the church and supported by the church family.   

Dates:  June 22-24 & July 18-20

Both teams will be doing framing, rough plumbing, electrical, roofing, drywalling.

Needed:  Skilled builders/contractors, and others willing to serve.

Cost: $150 (includes transportation, food, lodging, insurance for 3 days)

Project Leader:  Steve Gregorchuk    

Please contact Steve if you are interested in joining any of the construction trips below at or 818 416-4193.

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*Please note: All contributions are non-refundable. Should a particular person not participate in the Trip, should the Trip be cancelled, or a particular person fundraise more than his or her Trip cost, all donations received for that Trip shall be used to pay the expenses of other people participating in the Trip, reallocated to other Short-Term Trips, or reallocated to the general fund, at the discretion of Calvary.  




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